About the New Testaments Web Project

Throughout the ages, wise men and women have always employed myths, parables, and other such storytelling devices to communicate certain inexpressible truths to others. However, many of the stories passed down to us over the years seem far too old and out of touch with modern society for today’s spiritual adepts to relate to.

In August of 2007, an acquaintance invited filmmaker Stan Marshall to attend a public gathering with Michael Ultra. As Stan sat across from Michael and began to describe the pervasive sense of dissatisfaction he had always felt with respect to his career as a film and television director, Michael’s total and unshakable presence of mind had the unexpected effect of ushering Stan into a deep, trancelike state, during which Michael “telepathically uploaded” into his consciousness a long series of insights into what Stan now describes as “the cinematic nature of human existence”. The New Testaments Project is Stan's direct response to that paradigm-shifting experience, and represents the ongoing fulfillment of his own personal Key Task Assignment.

The Project offers participants an opportunity to engage in a process Michael half-jokingly refers to as “Film Therapy”— a new modality built upon the following tenets:

  1. Human Experience is governed by certain “narrative” conventions, and storytelling is a fundamental part of our lives.
  2. The cinematic medium allows us to step outside our personal dramas and examine them from an objective and entirely new perspective, offering us character insights such as no traditional mirror could possibly afford.
  3. The camera does not lie.

Where only a few years ago we congregated at our local cinema's to watch our myths play out upon a silver screen, today the accessibility of video and internet technologies offers us the opportunity to literally see ourselves playing the role of hero in our own life stories. As we participate in shaping these narratives, so too do we derive greater meaning and insight from their telling. In short, the New Testaments Web Project is a user generated story-engine designed to help all of us live and share our personal encounters with the divine.

With these interests in mind, many of Michael's students have volunteered to reveal the content of their spiritual journeys and Key Task Assignments before a camera, foregoing personal privacy and risking tremendous public scrutiny in honor of benefiting their fellow man. For sharing these exceedingly intimate portraits of themselves, we, the members of The Meta-Faith Community Temple, are eternally grateful. Furthermore, we ask that everyone watching these videos at home honor the nobility of these gestures by reserving judgment and respecting the privacy of our participants.