Michael Ultra

Michael Ultra is a revered teacher and spiritual leader. He was born under a “presumed” name and raised in the city of Toronto. In January of 2001 — after a veritable lifetime of fruitless searching and spiritual exploration — Michael spontaneously entered the state he calls Ultrafication. As part of his service to humanity, he has chosen to honor some of the personal commitments and relationships established by his former self — although he insists this is neither necessary nor recommended for most people. Apart from these few exceptions, Michael generally recognizes no other connection to the individual he was prior to this momentous event, nor does he answer to the name by which he was formerly known.

Michael’s Way of Knowledge

Michael does not believe in beliefs. Rather, he advises his students to cultivate real knowledge by accessing the level of absolute truth which is available to all of us at all times.

At the core of Michael’s knowledge base is the principle that each and every one of us represents a human alchemical machine capable of spiritual transformation. This transformation occurs when we have successfully navigated the internal labyrinth of our physical brains and arrived at the non-physical place of our own godhood and immortality. Michael refers to this process as entering into one’s God Complex, a procedure aimed at awakening the estimated 90% of brain tissue which generally lies dormant in most of us.

Although our bodies are physical storage containers for this potential, the process by which each of us must make this inward journey is enabled through the ethereal powers of our mind and, therefore, governed by our thoughts. This is, after all, about building a bridge between spirit and mater, and manifesting heaven upon earth. In fact, few people ever recognize that they themselves are the bridge and manifestation.

As Jesus once said: “In my Father’s house, there are many rooms”. Now imagine yourself venturing across the threshold and into God’s palatial mansion. At long last, you’re beginning to feel at home. Proceeding through the corridors, one is bound to unlock many rooms as appropriate “keys” present themselves. Indeed, many of humanity’s time-honored spiritual practices, such as yoga and meditation, represent such keys. As we all search for that final door leading out into God’s heavenly garden, some of us may happen upon a simple, more direct path, while others spend their whole lifetime banging their head against a single door only to find a brick wall waiting for them behind it. Each God Complex is as unique to the individual as are their fingerprints.

“Heaven is not a person, place or thing. It is a state of being. It is neither a physical state, nor a spiritual state, but both at once. It is the final reconciliation of all opposites. You can’t get there from here, but all roads lead to it. There’s no map we can look to for directions, and no one we can count on to lead us there. All we can do is lend each other our keys.”

Michael Ultra

If there is one master key that fits all, no one on earth appears to have found it. But holding onto the belief that one has is a surefire way to turn your God Complex into a maximum security prison — something the human race has done consistently well over the course of its history.

Working with Michael

Michael Ultra considers himself the living embodiment of his teachings, and generally prefers to model the essence of his truth rather than articulate it through words. Much of his teaching, therefore, is imparted through the sharing of his presence and majesty.

Michael makes no claim to enlightenment or spiritual authority. To “claim”, he tells us, is to deny the autonomy by which one is naturally entitled. Instead, Michael simply offers us his “keys”. Through a combination of intuition, energetic realignment, and psychic modeling, Michael assigns his students individually tailored “Key Tasks” with which to unlock the doors to their own Ultrafication. And while each of us must traverse the dark passages of the God Complex alone, Michael insists that nurturing a greater sense of community is, in itself, an essential key to Ultrafication. As such, we owe it to ourselves to learn from and help each other make the trip.

Michael’s Key Tasks come in a wide variety of forms, each taking into account the student’s individual level of advancement through the God Complex, and the unique set of personal issues he or she must confront along the way. In the end, every heroic journey is invariably made up of many chapters. To witness the positive effect these Key Tasks have had on the lives of our members, please visit the New Testaments section of our website.