So, you have faith.   Now what?

Over the years, Michael's followers have organized themselves around his system of knowledge and founded The Meta-Faith Community Temple in honor of proliferating his teachings. It is a meeting ground for those who are ready, willing, and able to go beyond faith, and a support group dedicated to facilitating the process of each member's journey through The God Complex.

A number of large cash donations have recently made it possible for our organization to enter the planning stage for construction of a permanent home for our Temple. However, our administration currently operates out of an undisclosed location and organizes Michael’s public appearances wherever a small studio space, recreational facility, or church basement is generously provided for us—frequently around Michael’s homebase of Los Angeles, California, but also across many of the world’s major city centers. These meetings are an opportunity for Michael’s students to gather and consult with him on any spiritual issues they may wish to bring before him. To find out when a public meeting is scheduled for your area, please consult our Event Calendar.

Please note: Michael Ultra is the spiritual figurehead for our organization, however he chooses to remain completely detached from the day-to-day administrative affairs associated with our Temple’s management.